YTD Inventory / Shipment Report
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Marketing Comments
6th Marketing MonthCrop: 20201. Export shipments during the 6th marketing month stand at 22,000 tons; up 55%, compared to 2019 crop year. Year‐to‐date export shipments are 144,000 tons of pistachios, second only to 2007 record crop year.
2. The exceptional export figures for the first six months will limit the available inventory of Iranian pistachios for the second half of the current marketing year. Already 75% of the estimated starting inventory has been shipped during the first half of the current marketing year. Shipment figures in the remaining months of the current marketing year will reveal if IPA has underestimated the 2020 crop production figure.
3. The Far East has been the biggest market for Iranian pistachios through March. Iranian export to this market amounts to 70,000 tons; almost three-times of the previous year for the same period. In spite of a decent pistachio inventory in china, demand for Iranian pistachios is still strong from this market.
4. Year-to-date pistachio shipments from Iran to the Indian Subcontinent reached 18,000 tons, up 64% compared to 2019 for the same period.
5. The EU has imported 13,000 tons of Iranian pistachios in the first half of the current marketing year, while the US shipments to this destination stand at around 42,000 tons for the same period.
6. There has been an exceptional foreign demand for larger and more expensive Iranian pistachio nut varieties this year. Hence, we assume that the largest share of the remaining inventory consists of the Fandoghi (Round) variety and kernel raw material.
7. Demand for Iranian natural kernels is very strong in different markets. Year-to-date kernel shipments from Iran reach 13,000 tons, up 41% compared to the average figure of the past 4 years.
8. Spring frost damage which has been reported from some of the main regions of pistachio production in Iran, has stalled the local pistachio market. However, it is still too soon to give an estimate about the impact of the damage to the total Iranian production.
Carry in from prevoius year22,000
Total Production190,000
Gross Inventory212,000
Domestic Consumption19,800
Export Shipments144,000
Adjustment/losses, Export15,200
Total Consumption179,000
Ending Inventory33,000
Note : addjustment / losses related to shelling and peeling process of kernels and green kernels.


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