Iranian pistachios offer various advantages that set them apart from competitors. Greater choice is offered to customers through four main commercial varieties. Additionally, higher meat content offers better value for money. Iranian pistachios have a world-famous taste that is unrivaled. This taste advantage is enhanced by roasting Iranian pistachios at higher temperatures, made possible by higher unsaturated oil content. This high-temperature roasting eliminates any bacterial contamination, which may be present in the raw product. The following list details the five major attributes of Iranian pistachios:
Higher Kernel to In-Shell Ratio: The most significant of these attributes from the consumers’ perspective is a high meat content that offers the best value for money in the pistachio market. On average, Iranian pistachios have a ten percent advantage on the edible part of the in-shell nut, when compared to pistachios from other origins.
Variety: Another significant attribute of Iranian pistachios that make them adjustable to different markets is that they come in many different varieties and sizes: from 18/20 nut counts per ounce, to 36/38. Each variety has its own differing properties and flavor.
Taste: The many pistachio nut varieties of Iranian origin have an unrivaled taste-profile resulting from their higher oil content. Over a long period, consumers around the world have shown a preference for the taste of Iranian pistachios. All four commercial varieties of Iranian pistachios each have a rich, unique and distinctive flavor.
Roastability: Due to their higher unsaturated oil content, Iranian pistachios have the capacity to be roasted at between 160 to 180°C (hot air stream temperature). Good roasting brings out the unique flavor of the nut. It is obvious that lower roasting temperatures of around 120°C recommended by some suppliers will not achieve the above benefit.
Tradability: The large number of producers, buyers, exporters, and importers of Iranian pistachios makes for conditions of perfect competition in the market. As a result, fairer trading opportunities present themselves to those engaged in buying and selling Iranian pistachios. In the absence of conditions of perfect competition, the market may face price-fixing and market manipulation by influential players.

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