Iran Pistachio Association (IPA) was established in 2007 to bring together the various sectors of the pistachio industry (growers, processors, service providers, and exporters) to further their interests. Iranian pistachio industry, consisting of a large number of privately owned businesses, always lacked a powerful collective voice. In the absence of this collective voice, the fate of the industry was in the hands of well-meaning bureaucrats. The incentive to set up a non-profit private organization to address the problems facing the industry and to further its general good grew gradually among some forward-thinking figures in the Iranian pistachio industry.
The principal objectives of IPA, above and beyond establishing itself as a representative and think-tank of the Iranian pistachio industry, was to diagnose diverse problems and complications that afflict the industry and offer expert advice and guidance to members as well as the well-meaning government entities that, in Iran, set economic policies and export procedures. IPA's scope of activities embraces promotion of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in orchards, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in processing plants, storing facilities and during transportation, the extension of credit facilities for traders and the promotion and expansion of exports by helping to channel government supports along lines that best suit the industry.
The Articles of Association was ratified in the first Assembly of Founders in 2007. In accordance with the fifth article of the "Law for the Establishment of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Mines", the Articles of Association for IPA was submitted to the appropriate commission of the Chamber and was legally registered in 2008. The central office of the IPA is in Kerman, Iran.
According to the Articles of Association, the General Assembly of Members elects seventeen growers, seventeen traders, and eleven processors/service-providers to its Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees, in turn, elects seven members to the Board of Directors from amongst themselves: three from each of the former two groups and one from the latter group. The Board of Directors elects a General Secretary to perform its executive duties.
In order to achieve its goal of promoting and furthering the interests of the pistachio industry, the IPA has three main commissions, each headed by a Board member, charged with solving the various issues faced by the industry:

  • Horticulture Commission
  • Commerce Commission
  • Water Commission