YTD Inventory / Shipment Report
In Tons
11th Marketing MonthCrop: 20211. Iran’s year to date export volume is 31% less than the average figure for the same period of the past 4 years. The remaining inventory at the end of the 11th marketing month stands at 14% of this year's total marketable opening inventory of 140,000 MT.

2. On the supply side, sell offers are sluggish with growers being reluctant to offer at exportable prices. The global demand for Iranian pistachios is under pressure due to price disparity between domestic and global markets. This disparity needs to be resolved for the new crop to move to global markets.

3. Worldwide demand for Iranian natural pistachio kernel has been strong due to its exquisite quality and price competitiveness. Kernels and green kernels amount to 16% (25% if we include closed shell as raw material for kernels) of this year’s total tonnage of YTD pistachio export shipments at the end of the 11th marketing month as compared to 11% for the same period last year.

4. IPA’s pre‐harvest forecast for the 2022 crop is 115,000 tons of dried in‐shell pistachios. Harvest is underway in most producing areas. The quality of crop 2022 seems to be better than normal.

5. Considering the fact that a higher share of the new crop is coming from new producing regions where the long varieties are dominant, it is forecasted that 65% of the new crop will be of long varieties.
Carry in from prevoius year5,000
Total Production135,000
Gross Inventory140,000
Domestic Consumption19,000
Export Shipments85,000
Adjustment/losses, Export16,000
Total Consumption120,000
Ending Inventory20,000
Note : addjustment / losses related to shelling and peeling process of kernels and green kernels.


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