YTD Inventory / Shipment Report
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Marketing Comments
9th Marketing MonthCrop: 20201. Export shipments through June 21st stand at 194,000 tons of pistachios (in-shell equivalent), second only to 2007 record crop year.
2. The arithmetical negative figure for the Ending Inventory at the bottom of the opposite table is the result of underestimation of the 2020 crop total production by IPA. However, IPA will revise its 2020 Iranian pistachio crop estimate in October 2021 when the data for the whole marketing year is at hand.
3. The Far East has been the biggest market for Iranian pistachios (75,000 tons) through June 21st, a 142% increase compared to last year.
4. Pistachio shipments from Iran to the Indian Subcontinent reached 24,000 tons through June 21st, an 85% increase compared to last year.
5. The EU has imported 17,000 tons of Iranian pistachios through June 21st, a 21% increase compared to last year.
6. Sharp increase in Iranian pistachio prices brought by extraordinary shipment data and anticipation of a lower 2021 Iranian crop, has slowed down local pistachio trade.
7. The demand is still exceptionally strong in the Indian Subcontinent and CIS markets. In India’s case, it is probably due to buying up ahead of an expected off-crop year in Iran to cover for Diwali, given the high preference for Iranian long varieties in Indian market.
8. Iran's 2021 pistachio crop is expected to be around 150,000 tons. IPA’s official crop forecast is expected to be released in July.
Carry in from prevoius year22,000
Total Production190,000
Gross Inventory212,000
Domestic Consumption23,600
Export Shipments174,000
Adjustment/losses, Export20,000
Total Consumption217,600
Ending Inventory-5,600
Note : addjustment / losses related to shelling and peeling process of kernels and green kernels.


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