YTD Inventory / Shipment REport In-Shell Basis
Crop : 2018
Marketing Comments
3rd Marketing MonthYTD1- According to Iran pistachio Association's post-harvest estimate, 2018 crop receipts through the end of September is reported at 52,000 MT of in-shell pistachios with the 2017 estimated carry-over of 35,000 MT. Thus, Iran's gross inventory in the current marketing year would be around 90,000 MT of pistachios. November total shipment is 3,000 MT, a significant drop of 22,000 MT or 88% less than last year. 2018 year-to-date export shipments stay at 13,000 MT, a decrease of 65,000 MT compared to last year. The enforcement of foreign exchange regulation by the government is regarded as the main obstacle to pistachio export.

2- The Indian subcontinent has still been the main market for Iranian pistachios through November. Exports to the Far East amount to 3,000 MT, a 93% decline compared to the average amount of the past four years (2014-2017: 43,000 MT) in the same period. Shipments to the EU-15 have dropped by 88% compared to the average amount of the past four years (2014-2017: 6,000 MT). Exports to the Middle Eastern countries have also dropped by 80% compared to the average amount of the past four years (2014-2017: 5,000 MT) in the same period.

3- Out of the 15,000 MT of pistachios being imported to Europe through November, Iran's share stands at 5%, with the US having 95% of the market share. Of the Far East's total pistachio imports of 68,000 MT, Iran's share stands at 3%, while the US is ahead at 97% of the market share. The Middle East has imported 4,000 MT of pistachios, with Iran and US having 25% and 75% of the market share, respectively.
Carry in from prevoius year35,000
Total Production52,000
Gross Inventory87,000
Domestic Consumption3,600
Export Shipments11,400
Adjustment/losses, Export1300
Total Consumption16,300
Ending Inventory70,700
Note : addjustment / losses related to shelling and peeling process of kernels and green kernels.

Current Crop Year 

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