YTD Inventory / Shipment Report In-Shell Basis
Crop : 2019
Marketing Comments
1st Marketing MonthYTD1. According to Iran Pistachio Association's post‐harvest estimate, the 2019 crop has yielded around 205,000 MT of dried in‐shell pistachios.

2. CY 2019 has been more favorable to long varieties in comparison to round ones. Thus, long varieties are expected to be more abundant this year.

3. Export shipments figure in the first month of the current marketing year is less than the average figure of the past 4 years (2015‐2018: 16,000 MT).

4. The Far East has been the main market for Iranian pistachios through the first month of the current marketing year.
Carry in from prevoius year22,000
Total Production205,000
Gross Inventory227,000
Domestic Consumption2,500
Export Shipments11,000
Adjustment/losses, Export540
Total Consumption14,040
Ending Inventory212,960
Note : addjustment / losses related to shelling and peeling process of kernels and green kernels.


Current Crop Year 

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