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Marketing Comments
11th Marketing MonthCrop: 2019Market Report:
1. For the 2019 crop year, Iran’s pistachio export volume through July stood at around 150,000 metric tons, which was similar in volume to crop year 2017 (the last on-year crop with a similar starting inventory); This looks to be a big achievement for Iran’s pistachio industry, considering all the recent impediments to export such as the unilateral US sanctions against Iran, Iranian government-imposed restrictions on transfer and exchange of foreign currencies and the global Corona virus pandemic.
2. As expected, Iranian pistachio export to the Far East, Indian Subcontinent and CIS gathered pace, given the attractive prices of Iranian pistachios and the global recovery from the Coronavirus crisis.
3. Pistachio kernel shipments (18,000 MT through July) show an upward trend, owing to the unique taste and different varieties of Iranian pistachio which cater the diverse tastes of consumers.
New Crop Report:
1. Iran Pistachio Association’s pre-harvest forecast for the 2020 crop is 180,000 tons of dried in-shell pistachios. With an estimated carry-over of around 40,000 tons from the 2019 crop, Iran’s gross inventory at the beginning of the upcoming marketing year is projected to reach 220,000 tons.
2. It should be also noted that 2020 is expected to be an on-year for round varieties, namely, Fandoqi and KalehQuchi (Jumbo).

Carry in from prevoius year22,000
Total Production205,000
Gross Inventory227,000
Domestic Consumption30,100
Export Shipments130,000
Adjustment/losses, Export22,000
Total Consumption182,100
Ending Inventory44,900
Note : addjustment / losses related to shelling and peeling process of kernels and green kernels.


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